Agile & Scrum Trainings

Are you looking for Agile & Scrum trainings for your team in Tallinn or elsewhere in Estonia? This might be a good place for you to start your exploration.

Why might you need Agile & Scrum Training?

There might be different reasons behind it, for example:

  • Your team is just starting to explore Agile way of working and needs to learn the foundation of it and to have guidance on making the first steps.
  • Or maybe you have been experimenting with Agile approaches for a while and still feel that something is not right or it just doesn’t work.
  • Or maybe the team members have very different opinions what Agile is and what are the rules of the game and you would like to have a common ground to work effectively and overcome endless discussions.
  • Or new team members without prior experience of Agile way of working have joined your team recently and need education in this area.
  • Or it might be a sad story of people who had prior bad experiences with far-away-from-perfect implementation of Agile way of working and as result those “traumatised by Agile” people have a lot of resistance towards it and your goal is to help them understand what is Agile Way of Working is really about.
Flipcharts from Agile Training, conducted by Julia Västrik in Tallinn, Estonia

What kind of training?

First, we will explore together what challenges your team faces and what outcomes you would like to achieve for your team. After that, we will decide which training would address the needs of your team the best, where the focus should be put, and what customization of training is needed.

The possible topics for the whole team are:

More advanced trainings for Scrum Masters, Agile Coaches and other leading roles, including Senior Engineers, are:

And also:

  • Scrum Mastery for Scrum Masters
  • Product Management and Product Ownership for Product Owners
Agile Training, conducted by Julia Västrik in Tallinn, Estonia

How the trainings are done

All the trainings are based on brain-friendly Training From the Back of the Room methodology, which implies a lot of different types of practice to ensure a high level of engagement, understanding, and remembering after. They are highly interactive and very practical.

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