Kanban Training

Kanban training for your team in Tallinn or another place in Estonia, at a customer’s premises or a rented venue. It might also be done as a part of the team off-site event.

There is also a possibility for online training. However, in-person trainings are usually more engaging and effective.

The preferred language is English.

Length: 1-2 days, depending on the maturity level of the team and the most important areas to cover.

Possible Topics:

  • Kanban Core Practices
  • Limiting Work in Progress
  • Principle of Managing the Flow
  • Classes of Service
  • Metrics
  • Forecasting
  • Cost of Delay

The topics might be customized to meet your team’s needs better and may vary depending on the training length.

The insights your team probably gets as a result of the training:

Additionally, a System Design Workshop can be run to establish or review the rules of how your team will start or continue with Kanban implementation (0.5-1 day):

  • Kanban policies – internal agreements that define a set of guidelines and rules that the team should follow
  • Determining the WIP Limits
  • Selecting and defining Metrics
  • Identifying Work Item Types
  • Identifying the Processes
  • Determining the Classes of Service
  • Working Agreements

Some insights your team will get are:

  • We Cannot Complete More Work, Even If We Work Faster
  • We Have Enough Time for the Work We Never Have Time For
  • When We Set Limits, We Become More Predictable
  • When Everything is Important, Then Nothing Is
  • The Later We Begin, The Better For the Customer
  • Local Optimization Brings Global Sub Optimization

How the training is done

The Kanban training is based on the brain-friendly methodology Training From the Back of the Room, which implies a lot of different types of practice to ensure a high level of engagement, understanding, and remembering afterward. It is highly interactive and very practical.

As it involves games, simulations, group activities, and discussions and also serves team-building purposes.


It is also beneficial if the Kanban training is combined with Agile & Lean Foundation Training (or just the Lean Foundation part of it) as it helps to understand in depth the underlying principles behind Kanban “rules of the game.”

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