Feedback Training

Many of us have challenges with feedback, mostly with giving it, but also with receiving it, even if we don’t admit it: we might feel hurt, insulted, wrongly understood, or just ignore it.

Still, we can get important and useful information from almost any feedback we receive, despite the form of feedback and intentions of the feedback giver. 

While many of us mostly focus on how to give the feedback “the right way”, the receiver is the main element of the feedback formula. Through understanding how to receive feedback well, we understand how to provide the most useful feedback.  

During the training, we will go through many aspects of feedback receiving and giving, from principles to very concrete applications, with a good mixture of theory and practice. You will understand feedback foundations that hopefully make you seek feedback and give feedback to others more often, with confidence and grace, to make the feedback culture flourish in your team and company.

Target audience:

  • Everyone is interested in personal growth and helping others around them grow as well.
  • This training is especially useful to be run for the whole team so that the team members together can realize that feedback is a gift that helps us improve and grow, and that we need to be thankful for receiving it and generous with giving it. The training facilitates the process of giving and receiving feedback for all members without fear of hurting others’ feelings and helps foster the feedback culture in the team and the company.

Length: 4-7 hours, in person or online

Simple Feedback Formula


  1. Receiving feedback
  2. Giving feedback
  3. Fostering feedback culture
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