Product Discovery For Engineers Training

Product Discovery For Engineers Training for your team in Tallinn, or another place in Estonia, at a customer’s premises or a rented venue. It might also be done as a part of the team off-site event.

There is also a possibility for online training. However, in-person trainings are usually more engaging and effective.

The preferred language is English.

Length: 4-16 hours

Over the last two decades, the agile way of working prevailed within many cross-functional teams in the software development industry. Still, most of those teams can be called really cross-functional end-to-end teams just so far, as what they are mostly doing is just transforming a set of requirements received from outside, usually from stakeholders, into working software.

We value the time of software engineers and would like it to go to the coding and other activities of the Delivery phase as close to 100% as possible and not to “waste” it for other activities. And sadly, many engineers think the same. They just want to code and leave all product-related stuff to the business. And the last thing Software Engineers themselves want to do is meet the customer.

At the same time, building empathy towards customers empathy creates a drive and motivation to work hard on searching for the best solution and to build a great product that will improve the customers’ lives. Having empathy towards customers, getting this personal touch, and understanding their everyday struggles and pleasures brings meaning to our work and creates more satisfaction with what we are doing – when we know that it will really impact the life of somebody we know.

We will explore:

  1. What is Product Discovery
  2. Why Engineers need to be involved in Product Discovery
  3. Building Empathy With Customer
  4. Ideation
  5. Prioritization
  6. Formulating Hypothesis
  7. Validating ideas and hypothesis
  8. Testing techniques
  9. Experiments designing and running
  10. How To Start

The best results will be achieved if we can use the product context of the team and the company to practice what we learn right away so that, along with a theory, we can apply it right away to the team or company product.

The Learning Outcomes

  • The whole team will get aligned on why it is crucial to involve engineers to Product Discovery
  • The team will learn the basics of Product Discovery.
  • The team will learn ideation and prioritization techniques.
  • The team will gain an understanding of why we need to validate our ideas and how
  • The team members will learn what type of experiments exist and when/how they can be applied, including designing experiments within their own context
  • The team will have a plan for how to start.
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