Facilitation Training

Facilitation training covers principles, techniques and tools for achieving the best results when facilitating participatory types of meetings that are aiming to achieve results, to elaborate a solution or to make a decision as a group. It is a highly interactive training with practical exercises. It can be held onsite, in hybrid mode or online.

Target Audience
Everybody who organizes and facilitates:

  • brainstorm meetings
  • workshops
  • retrospectives
  • ideation sessions

that need to be productive, use the brainpower of all the participants, be inclusive  and result in clear outcomes/decisions made. Possible roles: Scrum Masters, Product Owners/Managers, Team Coaches/Managers, HR professionals.

Length: 4-7 hours


  1. Foundation of Facilitation – how to engage the participants and to get the results out of the meeting
  2. Stages of Facilitation Process & Dynamics of Group Decision Making (Divergent Zone-Groan Zone-Convergent Zone)
  3. Facilitation techniques and tools

For longer version of the training we will cover more facilitation techniques and tools and will practice them.

Trainer: Julia Västrik

Group Decision Making Model used in the pictures – credits to Sam Kaner “Facilitators’s guide to participatory decision-making”.

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