Agile & Lean Foundation Training

Agile & Lean Foundation training for a team lays the foundation of Lean-Agile mindset and principles. It might also be done as a part of the team off-site event.

The training can be conducted in Tallinn, or another place in Estonia, at the customer’s premises or a rented venue.

There is also a possibility for online training, still, in-person trainings are usually more engaging and effective.

The preferred language is English.

Agile Is A Mindset by Ahmed Sidky

Length: 1 day (8 hours with breaks)

Typical Topics:
1. Why Agile? Complex environment.
2. Empirical Process Control
3. Lean principles
4. Creating Flow
5. Small Batch Size
5. Agile Values and Principles
6. Agile Teams

The topics might be customized to better meet your team’s needs and may vary depending on the training length.


“It’s rare that you come across a standout talent like Julia. I was particularly impressed by Julia’s ability to communicate and educate people in Agile Ways of working. The way she handles groups, it seemed to come perfectly naturally to her. Her energy is contagious and it is impossible not to feel energized after meeting her.”

Daniel Carvalho, Engineering Manager @ Gila

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