Team new to the Agile Way Of Working

Is your team just starting to explore and embrace Agile Way of Working, with all or most of the team members never worked in Agile environment before, and needs to learn the foundations and have guidance on making the first steps?

The possible path might look like this:

  1. Training on Agile & Lean Foundation (1 day)
  2. Continue with Scrum or Kanban training – if you are planning to embrace one of those methodologies (1-2 days)
  3. Workshop for establishing rules of the game to be ready to start (1 day):
    • Way of Working
    • Working Agreements
  4. Coaching support during 1-6 months:
    • For the whole team
    • For the leading roles:
      • Scrum Master
      • Product Owner
      • Team Manager

Please contact me if you need assistance with starting Agile Way of Working for a team new to it.