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Agile Coaching support in Tallinn, Estonia or remotely.

Languages: English, Estonian.

Why Agile Coaching?

Agile Coaching helps the team in the process of embracing the Agile Way of Working streamline this journey and learn how to work together effectively, be self-organized, and constantly improve. Experienced Agile Coach helps the team and organization see the benefits and results of Agile and avoid bad patterns of implementing mechanical Agile.

A high-quality Agile training program can provide a great jumpstart to an organization looking to implement Agile Way of Working. However, once the training ends, it’s up to the team to take the ball and run with it, which might be challenging without prior experience.

With Agile coach support after training, teams are held accountable to immediately implement what they’ve learned into practice, establishing good habits from the start and getting the transition moving in the right direction towards the team’s and organizational effectiveness.

How Agile Coaching is Done

Agile Coaching support usually lasts 2-6 months, as it is difficult to see the results earlier. Still, Agile Coach can contribute to team success with shorter interactions, especially for more mature and motivated teams with great leadership.

Agile Coach activities usually include:

  • 1-on-1 coaching
  • observing and mirroring the team’s behaviour
  • suggesting improvements and consultancy
  • challenging current approach
  • conducting customized training and ad-hoc teaching
  • facilitating team events and workshops
  • role-modelling and mentoring
  • creating, running and supporting Communities of Practice

Who Benefits from Agile Coaching

Coaching support can be done:

  • For the whole team
  • For organization
  • For leading roles:
    • Scrum Master
    • Product Owner
    • Team Manager

Please contact me if you need Agile Coaching support in Tallinn, Estonia or remotely.

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