Team needs refreshment on Agile Way Of Working

  • Have you been experimenting with Agile approaches for a while and still feel that something is wrong or doesn’t work?
  • Or maybe the team members have very different opinions on what Agile is and what are the rules of the game and you would like to have a common ground to work effectively and overcome endless discussions.
  • Or new team members without prior experience of the Agile Way of Working have joined your team recently and need education in this area.
  • Or it might be a sad story of people who had prior bad experiences with far-away-from-perfect implementation of Agile way of working and as a result, those “traumatized by Agile” people have a lot of resistance towards it, and your goal is to help them understand what Agile Way of Working is really about.

In these scenarios, the possible paths to get your team members on the same page might be the following:

Path 1

  1. Refreshment training on Agile & Lean Foundation (1 day)
  2. Refreshment training on Scrum or Kanban – if you are using one of those methodologies (1-2 days)
  3. Workshop for re-establishing rules of the game to be ready for fresh start (0,5 – 1 day):
    • Refreshment of Way of Working
    • Refreshment of Working Agreements
  4. Coaching support during 1-3 months:
    • For the whole team
    • For the leading roles:
      • Scrum Master
      • Product Owner
      • Team Manager

Path 2.

If you feel that your team is doing quite well and just need a little bit of refreshment, then it can be just 1 day of energizing and hands-on training on

  1. Agile & Lean
  2. Scrum
  3. Kanban
  4. Or a combination of any above

Please contact me if you need assistance with Agile refreshment for your team.