Disciplined Approach to Follow-up The Previous Retro Results

Way too often we are so satisfied with our retro results and happy about how the retro went, that we put mental check: “Done” and forget about decisions we made right away after the end of the retro. And while time spent together and insights gained might be already very rewarding, we need to ensure that our retrospectives have real impact too.

For this we need to create a system how to ensure that Actions Items won’t be forgotten, for example:

  • Big Action Items can be added to Team/Sprint backlog
  • Create a list or a board of ongoing experiments
  • Update Team Working Agreements
  • Update Team DoD
  • Create Calendar events

And after we need to follow-up the results during one of the next retrospectives, one of the possible moments might be just after Set The Stage step of the retrospective or during it.

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