Phase 5 of Retrospective: Close The Retrospective

The last step of the retrospective is important to summarize and acknowledge what has been done during it, as well as to reinforce the importance of implementing the action items and, of course for finishing on a positive note!

Often teams don’t feel that this is an important step, or they just don’t have time for it left. However, this activity might be just one minute long, or even less – just ask people one of the such or similar questions:

  • Your takeaway from the retro – what have you learned today
  • One thing that pleased you today
  • One thing that surprised you today
  • The most remarkable thing you learned during the retro
  • The most important thing you learn about your team today (during the last 3 months, …)
  • One thing you appreciate the most about your team
  • What is your confidence level that today’s Action Items will be implemented? (Fist to Five)

Some other activities from Retromat:

Also, it is very important to get feedback on your facilitation of the retrospective; you can do it every retrospective or not, but ensure to do it regularly. It will allow you to progress a lot with your retro facilitation skills!

  • Feedback Door – Numbers (ROTI)  – Gauge participants’ satisfaction with the retro on a scale from 1 to 5 in minimum time
  • Or a very simple one Plus & Delta  – Each participant notes 1 thing they like and 1 thing they’d change about the retro

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