Agile Way Of Working for Non-Software Teams

Are you willing to be innovative and embrace Agile Way of Working in your team, not in the software development space but in Marketing, Human Resources, Education, Healthcare, and others? Many teams like yours have successfully done this in order to be able to adapt quickly to a rapidly changing market and world. Agile is being used in innovative ways in more and more new industries.

The possible path for your non-software team might look like this:

  1. Training on Agile & Lean Foundation and Scrum or Kanban (2 day)
  2. Workshop for establishing rules of the game to be ready to start (1 day):
    • Way of Working
    • Working Agreements
  3. Coaching support during 1-3 months.

Please contact me if you need assistance with starting with Agile Way of Working for your non-software team.